Mazel Tov!

Your son is growing up. He’ll soon be celebrating the biggest event of his adolescent life: His Bar Mitzvah. What is a Bar Mitzvah? A Bar Mitzvah is a developmental stage where a child crosses the threshold from childhood into adulthood. It is also a time that the soul begins to blossom, and a deeper level of maturity and spirituality is reached. At this point, a young man is ready to begin accepting responsibility for his behavior and commit to fulfilling Mitzvot, as the name “Bar Mitzvah – son of Mitzvah” indicates.

At Chabad, the Bar Mitzvah celebrations are faithful to the beauty and authenticity of Jewish tradition. We hope that the Bar Mitzvah “journey” brings your son to a deep recognition and appreciation of his special role as a part of the Jewish nation.

1 year before the Bar Mitzvah: Call Chabad to book your date and to set up a time for a preliminary meeting with the Rabbi. The Bar Mitzvah date should be on or soon after your son’s 13th birthday on the Hebrew calendar (see our website or speak to the Rabbi to help you determine the correct date).