One Sunday a month, we will gather to study some Tanya, enjoy a homemade delicious lunch and have the opportunity to put on Tefillin.  

Tanya is a a 200-year-old text with a revolutionary new look at human psychology. It provides Kabbalah-based tools to help you understand yourself.  Until the publication of Tanya, the Kabbalah was an esoteric discipline that was studied and understood by only a select few. Tanya, however, sought to make the teachings of Kabbalah practical, relevant, and accessible. Its numerous reprints attest to its success in achieving this goal.

A precursor of the modern self-help genre, Rabbi Shneur Zalman authored Tanya as a substitute for his personal mentorship. If you study Tanya, you will receive spiritual counseling from a master of Kabbalah based on the nature of the soul. You will come to understand the source of guilt, conflict, and confusion, and find useful strategies for developing joy, purpose, and direction in everyday life.

RSVP:  [email protected] | No charge