CTeen Grass Valley is a Jewish teen club that compacts exhilarating fun and meaningful projects into a program that's thrilling and uniting. CTeen events happen at least monthly, but the memories last a life time. The impact is magnificent, the experience priceless. It's the place to be for every Jewish teen 

CTeen Grass Valley demonstrates that education and service is a pillar of personal growth. When we do it together - what a difference we can make! Community service, debate sessions, recreational trips and national Shabbatons blend the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and have a dynamic Jewish experience. We are shaped not by what we receive but by what we do, so join CTeen Grass Valley today and start to build a better world around you.  

        Socially graceful but too cool to care. 
        Find, meet and discover a world of friends! 

       To live is best to give!  
       Volunteer, help others and make a difference!

     Who said learning is boring?  
     Explore your roots - Discover Judaism! 

     Jewish networking at the speed of teens!