CTeen Grass Valley is a Jewish teen club that compacts exhilarating fun and meaningful projects into a program that's thrilling and uniting. CTeen events happen at least monthly, but the memories last a life time. The impact is magnificent, the experience priceless. It's the place to be for every Jewish teen 

CTeen Grass Valley demonstrates that education and service is a pillar of personal growth. When we do it together - what a difference we can make! Community service, debate sessions, recreational trips and national Shabbatons blend the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and have a dynamic Jewish experience. We are shaped not by what we receive but by what we do, so join CTeen Grass Valley today and start to build a better world around you.  


Learn more about CTEEN JTEXT HERE.

JText is a new innovative and technological project by Chabad of Grass Valley. It engages teens on Jewish dimension where they are.   

Once a week, a Jewish trivia question is sent out via text message. The trivia question is a multiple choice, giving 4 options to the players. Each player has the opportunity to immediately respond with the number they think is correct. These questions vary between holidays, current events, Israel, basic tradition, and history. 

        Socially graceful but too cool to care. 
        Find, meet and discover a world of friends! 

       To live is best to give!  
       Volunteer, help others and make a difference!

     Who said learning is boring?  
     Explore your roots - Discover Judaism! 

     Jewish networking at the speed of teens!