Prayer Meditations and Shabbat Morning Services

Join for a meaningful discussion on prayer, followed by Prayer, Torah Study and Kiddush Lunch.

Once or twice a month at 10:30 AM on Shabbat morning.  Contact us if you did not receive our Jewish Calendar before Rosh Hashana which highlights the dates of Shabbat morning services for the year. 

Jewish prayer is G‑d’s way of telling the Jewish people, “speak to Me and I will listen.” Three times a day, Jews pray to G‑d, thanking Him, praising Him, and beseeching Him for personal requests. Often conducted in synagogue, but also taking place in private homes, airports or offices, prayer is a time to step back and reflect. 

RSVP required before Shabbat:  [email protected] or call (530) 404-0020 | No charge